[Adoption, Adoptive Couple, Adoptive Profile in Las Vegas]

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[Adoption, Adoptive Couple, Adoptive Profile in Las Vegas]

A little Information about Neil and Camie

All About Neil  Neil was born in Canada and shortly thereafter moved to Las Vegas where his dad was born and raised. Neil is the oldest child out of 7 kids in his family. He was always expected to set a great example for his siblings and he tried his best to do that for them. Neil enjoyed playing various sports growing up. He played basketball and little league baseball. Also, when he was in high school he was able to be on the track team running cross country. Another activity Neil enjoyed was being in the band in high school. After Neil graduated high school he worked for a few years and then decided to move to Canada for a few years to spread his wings and grow as a person. After 3 years living in Canada, Neil decided it was time to come back to Las Vegas and see what further opportunities awaited him here. This is when he met Camie.

All About Camie  Camie was born in St. George, Utah. After she was born, her parents brought her back to Las Vegas. Camie is the second of 4 kids in her family. As a child growing up, Camie was lucky enough to participate in numerous activities. Some of these activities included playing soccer for four years, gymnastics, ballet, tap and clogging. When Camie entered into high school she played volleyball for two years and then decided to get an after school job for the last two years of high school. After high school, Camie worked full time and went to school to pursue a degree in paralegal studies. After receiving that degree, she got a job at a law firm and has been been employed in this field for the past ten years. Also, on the side, Camie decided to pursue a Cosmetology license as that has always been something she has loved to do. She currently does hair on the side for family and friends.

All About Us  Neil and Camie were both looking for love when they met each other. They were lucky enough to meet on a website designed for LDS Singles. We corresponded for a short time online and then decided to meet in person. We met in person and had a great time with each other. After our first date, we continued to date each other and fell in love. We were later engaged and planned the wedding we had always dreamed of. Since that time, we have been married for almost five years and have loved every day of it. The only thing that could make our lives better as a married couple is to have a child enter our lives. Ever since we got married we have dreamed of starting a family. Our family isn't going to be started in the way we thought but we firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and we can't wait to adopt a child and make our dream of having a family a reality.

Neil Speaking about Camie  Camie is a loving, caring, thoughtful person. She has many qualities and talents that will make her a great mother. As I watch Camie spend time with our nieces and nephews, I see the qualities that I would want the mother of my children to have. Camie sets a great example to those around her and treats others as they would want to be treated. One of the things I love most about Camie is that family comes first to her in our lives. She makes sure she supports our family in any way possible and is always there when one of them needs anything. Camie is very considerate of other people's feeling and this is a trait that I know will come in handy as we proceed through this process of adoption.

Camie Speaking about Neil  Neil is the kind of husband every girl dreams about. Neil is a true gentleman and I am lucky that he is my husband. Neil treats me like a princess at all times and I truly appreciate the example he is to me and those people around him. Neil is a great uncle and our nieces and nephews love to play with him. They know they can always count on Uncle Neil to keep them entertained whether that involves playing outside or staying inside and playing games or watching movies with them. I know that Neil is prepared to be a dad in all ways and I can't wait for the day that I get to see Neil be a dad to our future children. He will make a terrific dad as he is a very caring, patient and understanding guy.

Thoughts on Adoption  As we begin this adoption process, there are so many thoughts that come to mind. We are excited to be able to meet you and to be able to try and understand the position you are in as you proceed through the adoption process from a different perspective than us. We know that you could be struggling with the decisions that you have to make in the near future for not only you but for the baby you are carrying. You can be assured that you have our utmost respect for the decisions you are making. We want you to know that if you do consider us as adoptive parents for your child, you can be promised that we will cherish, love and care for the child you give birth to. We would like to thank you for your unselfishness and for the opportunity you are giving to not only us but also to your child.